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With a sweet and velvety taste, Santàl apricoat juice offers you all the goodness of fruit, rich in vitamins, fiber and nutrients, excellent for quenching and replenishing the body with mineral salts and nutrients.

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Pulpies are fruit drinks available in the flavors Pear, Peach, Apricot. They are ideal for breakfast and snacks, because they quench their thirst and nourish with taste. Santàl is synonymous with goodness, quality, variety, assortment, innovation, expertise in the world of fruit and careful selection of raw materials.

The apricot comes from the apricot tree, Prunus Armeniaca, family Rosaceae, genus Prunus. Native to Asia, it was widespread in the Mediterranean area first by the Romans and then by the Arabs. The plant is rather resistant to cold climates, but because it blooms early it is cultivated in temperate zones to prevent the cold from ruining the fruit. Depending on the variety, apricots in Italy are harvested mainly during the months of June and July. Campania is the most important region for the cultivation of the fruit, followed by Emilia Romagna and Basilicata. Among the main varieties are the Pellecchiella, Vitillo, Palummella, Boccuccia, Portici, Cafona, San Castrese and Bella d’Imola. The apricot, of a basically oval shape, has a diameter ranging from about four to six centimeters; it has a velvety, golden skin that in some varieties tends to red and has a single seed.



kJ 249
kcal 59
FATS 0,1 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,0 g
CARBS 14,1 g
of which sugars 14,1 g
SALT 0,005 g
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